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Flying Solo - Hallstatt

To spend some time relaxing and disconnecting, I chose a small Austrian lakeside village, Hallstatt, for the second leg of my escape from New York. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous in pictures, Hallstatt is rumored to be the inspiration for Arendelle, the village in Frozen

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Flying Solo - Czech Republic

To escape the hustle in New York for a bit, I booked a flight to London using points but then couldn't decide where to go from there. Turns out flights across Europe are cheap as hell, so I threw a dart at a map and it landed between Vienna and Prague. Prague was an easy decision

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Three Reasons I Love NYC

From the overwhelming positivity of my east-coast friends and the strangers I've met, to the artistic and hustle-hard inspiration I get from wandering the streets of lower Manhattan, I can't imagine a better place to live.

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Flying Solo - Maui

Traveling solo forced me to meet people and most of the plans I made on this trip were based off of recommendations from locals and other travelers. Ended up being an amazing trip and I'm convinced Maui is one of the most beautiful natural places in the world.

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Mt. Baker Hot Spring & Swift Creek Trail

Rainbow Creek had a large fallen tree fashioned into a bridge across the creek with a handline. Crossing it was a little nerve-wracking the first time, but after spending a day climbing fallen trees upstream in search of berries, it was like a walk in the park.

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