House Cocktails


🍸 Betsubara

Japanese phrase for a "separate stomach" reserved for dessert
Matcha, Coconut, Yuzu, Egg Whites

🍸 Picnic on Pine Street

Refreshing and nostalgic. Shoutouts to 1 Pine St
Watermelon, Absinthe Rinse, Lemon, Mint Leaves

🍸 One a Day

Rickhouse special. Keeps the doctor away
Orange/Carrot/Ginger Juice (Juice Shop), Ginger Liqueur, Scotch, Suze, Laphroig Float

🍸 King of Monsters

Green and fiery
Tequila, Pinepple Jalapeño Juice, Dry Vermouth, Firewater Bitters, Black Pepper

🍸 The Last Oaxacan

Mexican influenced "Last Word"
Mezcal, Yuzu, Yellow Chartreuse

🥃 Ume Blossom

🌸 🌸 🌸
Gin, Ume Liquour, Grapefruit Bitters

🥃 Rise from the Ashes

Smoky twist on a bourbon renewal. Blackberry-forward
Blackberry Crème de Mûre, Bourbon, Laphroig, Lemon

🥃 White Negroni

A balanced Linden Room special. My personal favorite
Apricot Infused Gin, Suze, Lillet Blanc, Honey, Brine

🥃 Blood Moon

Another negroni. Enhances Ganon's power
Empress Gin, Camapari, Sweet Vermouth, Blood Orange

🍷 Lavender Gin and Tonic

It's purple
Lavender, Empress Gin, Tonic Water, Lemon


🍷 Aperol Spritz

Aperol, Prosecco, Soda Water, Hand Crushed Ice, Orange Peel

🍸 First Lady

Matcha, Gin, Cointreau, Lemon, Egg Whites

🍸 Naked and Famous

Mezcal, Aperol, Yellow Chartreuse, Lime

🥃 Genever Sazerac

Genever, Sugar Cube, Angostura + Peychaud's Bitters, Absinthe Rinse

🍸 Corpse Reviver #2

Gin, Absinthe, Cointreau, Lillet Blanc, Lemon

🍸 Death in the Afternoon

Champagne, Absinthe