Intermittent Fasting - 4 Months (Final)


After 4 Months, I've lost:

  • 2.1% Bodyfat (14% down to 11.9%)
  • 19.8lbs Overall (187 down to 167.2)
  • 12.8lbs of Muscle Mass (152.8lbs down to 140lbs)

I was able to hit my sub-170 weight but my body fat % is nowhere close to where I wanted it to be.

Thoughts after finishing 4 Months

Dropping weight is fairly easy for my body but dropping it without cutting down muscle has been incredibly difficult. I had the most success when I was disciplined about hitting my daily protein goals without too big of a calorie deficit.

It was tough to start fasting but after a few days it's pretty easy to stay in the rhythm.

I think I'll try bulking for a few months before attempting another cut but for now I'm going to enjoy some time off and reward my hard work. I'll try a different fasting split and tweak my macros to see if that will help.