Intermittent Fasting - 2 Months


After 2 Months, I've lost:

  • 1.4% Bodyfat (14% down to 12.6%)
  • 12.6lbs Overall (187 down to 174.4)
  • 8lbs of Muscle Mass (152.8lbs down to 144.8lbs)

My rate of weight loss has dropped once again as I spent a week eating over maintenance to recover from a cold. The good news is that of the 2.6 lbs of weight I've dropped, only 1.2 lbs of it was muscle mass, meaning my slower cut has retained a greater percent of my muscle. Previously 60-80% of my lost weight was in muscle mass, this time its closer to 45%.

Thoughts after 2 Months

It's very clear to me that rushing the weight loss process is too costly for my muscle mass and body composition. A slower cut is going to be necessary, maybe even slower than 1 lb a week. I'll need to track my exercise and diet better so that I can accurately eat between a 250-400 calorie deficit per day.