Intermittent Fasting - 1 Month


After 1 Month, I've lost:

  • 1.1% Bodyfat (14% down to 12.9%)
  • 10.0lbs Overall (187 down to 177)
  • 6.8lbs of Muscle Mass (152.8lbs down to 146.0lbs)

My rate of weight loss has greatly reduced since losing 0.6% bodyfat and 6lbs in my first week of fasting. The 3 weeks following the first week, I've dropped 0.5% bodyfat and 4lbs overall which is about the rate I'm looking for. At this rate I'll be able to get to 167 lbs and under 12% bodyfat in 6 weeks. I might pivot to a lean bulk if I'm feeling undersized by then.

Thoughts after 1 Month

My body composition is overall improving with the fat loss but I'm still concerned with how much muscle I've been losing. Food poisoning from Russian River set me back considerably in my gym routine and I believe my body without any food or exercise broke down more muscle tissue than usual. The weight loss in my first week was 60% muscle weight, while the weight loss in the following 3 weeks was 80% muscle weight.

The eating part of it is getting easier. I'll typically try to eat a big dinner and prefer to eat a lighter lunch if possible. It's easier to be hungry in the morning when I'm busy compared to being hungry at night when I have freedom.

I would be willing to try a more aggressive fasting split by pushing my lunch back a few hours. A late dinner is a must -- falling asleep on a relatively empty stomach is difficult.