Flying Solo - Oregon Coast

Four months into shelter-in-place and I've gone a little stir crazy. I had planned on taking time off work but I don't think I can really get away from it if I staycation trapped in my "office".

So, I decided to drive up north with a simple goal of seeing trees, lakes, and waterfalls.


The only family vacation I can remember was a road trip to the Redwoods when I was 9 years old. I vividly remember playing Pokemon Red on the long drive, the giant Paul Bunyon statue, and eating tons of ripe blackberries off of bushes.

I didn't have quite the appreciation for the trees that I do today. The tallest trees in the entire world don't mean as much when you have a 9 year old perspective of the world -- but as an adult, they are incredible.

Crater Lake

The next must-see stop for me was Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the United states. But first, I took a little pitstop at Diamond Lake to try horseback riding. After an hour of some leisurely hiking and a litle trotting, I can definitely get why people are so into horses. They're beautiful creatures and crazy strong. I'd like to try a little galloping if I can get another chance sometime soon.

Crater Lake was breathtaking. It's huge. It's blue.

Tamolitch Blue Pool

Did a little cliffumping here. It's a 50 foot drop. If you look closely, you can see little people at the take-off point.



I love Portland and have been a handful of times but most of what I love was unfortunately closed for Covid-19. I still was able to get a few donuts and stopped by Deschutes Brewery for lunch and a solo flight ;)

Northwestern Plane Rides

Speaking of solo flights! I rode a Biplane from 1929 around the Oregon Coast and made a little video of it here.

Burney Falls

My last stop on the way home! These falls over by Shasta were the biggest I saw on my whole trip.

I was pretty exhausted with all of the driving. Even just writing about it has been exhausting! Here's a shot of the falls and what the final path ended up like!