About This Blog


  • Wanted to transition from my old email address to @chrisbest.com
  • Figured I might as well put something on chrisbest.com
  • Wanted it to look good with minimal cost and effort


  • Used the Ghost blogging platform to manage content
  • Brute forced the blog into static assets using ghost-buster
  • Hosting on AWS
    • Static files on S3
    • Cached via Cloudfront
    • DNS with Route53
    • SSL Cert via ACM
  • Tracked on github
  • Extra scripts around building, pushing, cache busting within the git repo

Total Cost = $2.00 Per Month

  • $0.50 AWS Route 53 Hosted Zone
  • $0.66 GoDaddy Domain Ownership
  • $0.83 GoDaddy Domain Privacy