1 Year in NYC

It's been a wild year! Moving to NYC has been one of the best decisions of my life. I'm still starry-eyed but I have a chopped cheese addiction and catch myself saying "woter" here and there?

Every New Yorker's experience is different and my experience is pretty limited to a life in Lower Manhattan. In my first month, what stuck out to me most was the hustle hard mentality, the diversity, and the city being the mecca for so many things that I love.

All those loves still ring true but there are three bigger reasons I love NYC now.

1. Kindness

I am blown away by the kindness of New Yorkers. I'm surprised at the rep they get.

New Yorkers don't small talk, they don't ask how your day went. But New Yorkers will have genuine interest in why you'd be insane enough to live here, what you're struggling with, and how they may be able to help or connect you. It has been incredible how much people go out of their way to actually make things happen.

As someone that moved to this city with almost no friends and working full-time remote, I don't think there is a better city in the world for making new friends. There is so much energy and openness from people here compared to the clique's of the cities I've lived in previously. It did take intention and a bit of hard work but I've been able to root myself into a few communities that I love and it feels like I make new friends every week.

2. Seasons

I'm a California kid. I never check the weather and that habit has led to my doormen always laughing at me for being incorrectly dressed. I'm working on it.

Every season is distinct and changes the energy of the city drastically. It almost feels like I've lived in four cities this year. The renewal of Spring and the energy of Summer slows into the Holidays and eventually shuts down before another renewal.

Seasonal highlights:

  • Spring Cherry Blossoms
  • Fall colors
  • December Holiday Spirit

January and February are as bad as everyone makes them out to be.

3. Food

Picking a place to eat in Manhattan is a problem. "Paradox of choice" is so real because there are countless restraurants that serve food that likely will be "the best X I've ever had."

There are restaurants on my block that I'll give a passing glance to that people will travel from around the world just to eat at. I don't give more than a passing glance because I'm usually committed to Eddie's chopped cheese at my bodega.

Aside from that paradox of choice, the other problem is not being able to look forward to food when traveling elsewhere. I'll travel and eat local cuisine and think to myself, I bet I could find an even better version of this in NYC. 9 times out of 10, I'll be right (except Mexican, Vietnamese, LA KBBQ, and Texas BBQ).

I'm eatin though. As of today, 345 spots on my NYC visited list. Here's a screenshot of what that looks like:


Next steps

I'm open to finding new things I love about the city and just renewed my lease for another year.

But I wouldn't be surprised to call this city my home for the rest of my life.